Maintainanse of relationship essay

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Formation and Maintenance of Relationship

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This essay will deal mainly with the first two aspects, which is the formation of relationships and the maintenance of relationships. Theories concerning formation and maintenance of relationships will be described to be thoroughly evaluated especially when trying to relate it to this time, which may not be similar to that of when the theories were introduced.

The social exchange theory assumes relationships provide both rewards (e.g. sex, affection, intimacy) and costs (e.g. time, energy, money). Everyone tries to max reward for min costs. If a relationship is to continue, people expect the partner to reward them as much as they do.

Two Theories of the Maintenance of Relationships

Describe and evaluate two theories of maintenance of relationships. Thibaut and Kelly proposed the social exchange theory. This claims that social behaviour is due to the result of an exchange process.

This is where an individual attempts to maximise their own rewards and minimise their costs. Interpersonal relationships as a social relationship between the role and any other kind of social relations, is bound by the constraints of the relations of production, but also by other social relations, and thus should be examined in.

The second definition of relational maintenance is to keep a relationship in a particular state so that there is no change in it, neither positive nor negative. (Knapp & Vangelisti, ). In other words, to maintain a relationship is to keep the relationship in a certain stage. Maintenance of relationships can be explained through the Social Exchange Theory (Thibault and Kelley ).

This is an economic theory which suggests that people maximise the possible rewards in a relationship whilst minimising their costs; specifically attraction.

Maintainanse of relationship essay
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